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Central Registration Reform

Accessible & Parent Friendly

Larry experiences many new parents who are excited to enroll their children in a Buffalo Public School, but who often become defeated when faced with the confusion of how to apply and then enduring the cumbersome application process and the wait to learn about a placement. Larry experienced some of this when registering his own children. 

As a board member, Larry will pursue reform of Central Registration Office to streamline the registration process, and to make the office and its service more accessible to parents. We need to establish a clear, consistent, and an easy to access process, one which is efficient and utilizes user-friendly technology for automated registration. We need more customer-friendly service, starting with someone available to take a phone call in the office and address parent questions and concerns. We need a timely process to secure a placement for each child and, in the event that a parent's choice of schools is not available, we need a process to work with these parents for them to learn about other available schools. We need a communication and marketing plan to entice new parents to register for a Buffalo Public School, to inform new parents on how to register, and to provide information on individual schools to choose from.

Larry Scott for Buffalo Schools

Together, Moving Buffalo Schools Forward!

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