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Parent, Family, & Community Engagement

Inclusive Decision-Making

In the Spring of 2017, after almost ten years, Larry, along with other parent leaders, helped revise the BPS Parent, Family, & Community Involvement Policy, which officially identified the BPTO as a district-wide parent group. It also established the BPS Parent Congress, which includes representatives from the BPTO, District Parent Coordinating Council, and the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee. Larry helped achieve a priority of BPTO to establish a more open, inclusive, and fair policy, with opportunity built into the policy for other organized parent groups to be recognized by the BOE. The Parent Congress now meets monthly with the Superintendent and his cabinet and represents parents on the District Committee of Stakeholders, District Comprehensive Improvement Plan, and Consolidated Title Application for federal funding.


The Education Bargain is a two-way street. Parents and parent leaders have a responsibility to be honest, to be personally accountable, to play their role and do so with integrity. They have a responsibility to be part of the solution, without exploiting the problems.  One of the best opportunities for parents and caregivers to participate in decision-making is through the School Based Management Team, which requires parent representation and participation.


Learn more about: Parent Congress and School Based Management Teams

As a BOE Member, Larry will continue to make it a priority to guarantee parent and family inclusion in critical decision-making, will advance the work of the district Parent Congress and four parent centers, and foster collaborative relationships among parents, families, educators, and community. With the District’s commitment in the Education Bargain, along with various stakeholders working together, we can make gains in engaging parents and collectively work to solve the many challenges we face.


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