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Board Meeting Recap, August 18, 2021

The Buffalo Board of Education had a lengthy meeting last night. Below are some highlights important highlights:

  • The Board approved a Superintendent Resolution on Opening Schools for the 2021-22 school year, which authorizes a full return of all students in-person, 5 days per week

  • Bus information packets should be hitting mailboxes next week

  • There will be assigned seating on buses as recommended by ECDOH for contact tracing

  • Random COVID testing of 30% of staff and students each week will continue to begin the school year. This will include students in grades K-12 with consent from parents.

  • There have only been 8 student medical requests for full remote instruction and 18 medical request for mask exemptions

  • Afterschool programs will not begin until October. This is due to the national and local shortage of bus drivers and challenges of busing all of our students in our school choice model, along with charters, privates, and parochials. The Board did approve contracts with providers for afterschool programs which are expected to increase the amount of students that we serve when they do begin

  • Community Schools Saturday Academy programming is expected to begin in September

  • The Board approved new contract for our Transportation Aides of Buffalo and Substitute Administrators

  • The Gender Identity Policy was revised and approved, eliminating a court order or birth certificate for a student name and pronoun change

  • The Board unanimously approved a Resolution on Gun Violence- more to come on this in a separate post

***Please email me with any significant questions or concerns at

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