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EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT COMMITTEE UPDATES: Survey Results, Social-Emotional Wellness, & More...

Below are results from a survey that I recently circulated as the Board's Co-Chair of the Educational Support Committee. There were 120 respondents with over 51% being parents or caregivers and 37.5% being BPS staff:

Social-Emotional Wellness & Mental Health Support was an overwhelming priority from 80% of respondents.

At the Board's Work Session on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, a comprehensive presentation was conducted by BPS and Say Yes Buffalo staff on Social-Emotional Wellness and Mental Health. The presentation can be viewed here:

As a school psychologist in another school district, it is not surprising that Social-Emotional Wellness and Mental Health is a high priority among staff and parents. This will remain an ongoing priority of my work on Board and with the Educational Support Committee. Look for an announcement on an upcoming Town Hall on Social-Emotional Wellness, Trauma, & Healing.

This past week was National School Psychology Week. Much thanks to all of our BPS School Psychologists and the important work that they do for our students, families, and staff. Learn a bit about the roles and responsibilities of our 76 BPS School Psychologists in Superintendent Dr. Cash's Weekly Brief, as well as other noteworthy updates, including, a groundbreaking DATA DASHBOARD that will go live to the public on Monday, November 15, 2021. The dashboard will include almost real-time data on enrollment, attendance, assessments, and behavior.

COVID Protocols was another priority from survey respondents. Here is a presentation from District staff to the Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization on these protocols:

At Wednesday's Board Work Session, data on literacy and math was also provided. You can view the presentation here:

Lastly, check out this newly launched High School Course Catalogue offering a wide range of diverse and innovative courses for our high school students:

Larry Scott

Buffalo Board of Education


Co-Chair Educational Support

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