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First Student Transportation Update

Last night, in the Finance & Ops Work Session, the BOE was provided an update on the First Student Transportation crisis.

Since First Student put in place its corrective action plan on October 23, there have been 236 driver applicants (an 800% increase), new drivers and monitors have been hired, including 7 former drivers rehired on the signing bonus and wage increase, and 14 out of state drivers have been assigned to Buffalo. There has been 100% coverage for morning buses and 86% improvement for afternoon buses. In 8 days prior to October 23, there were 87 uncovered buses or doubled routes. In the 8 days following October 23, there have been 12 uncovered buses or doubled routes.

This is marked improvement, but must continue and then persist to ensure that our students are provided reliable, timely, and safe transportation on a daily basis.

View PowerPoint Presentation for more information here:

See the WBFO story on this update, here:

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