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Hybrid Learning

With Buffalo Public Schools planning to begin some in-person instruction on February 1st, I thought it would be helpful to share my thoughts on Hybrid Learning. This is not an official representation of the entire Board of Education or BPS. It is only my individual perspective from my knowledge and experience with Hybrid Learning. Generally speaking, there is a lot unknown and misunderstood about what Hybrid Learning can be. It is also far from the authentic full-time in-person learning that we all long for and, arguably, not an entirely a better alternative to full remote learning.

After hearing from parents the past few days and contemplating the decision with my wife for our own children, I have requested from the Superintendent and staff much more clarity on how Hybrid Learning will be implemented, as well as, how this could impact the many students who remain in full remote.

Thank you for watching and please direct any questions, concerns, or suggestions to me at

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