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Lafayette International Community High School

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I had a great visit to Lafayette High School’s Saturday Academy today. I learned about a new alternative consequence that Principal John Starkey (in pic below) is implementing for school and class tardies, which incorporates fitness during after school detention with fitness expert Joe O’Connor (in pic working with students). Mr. Starkey said that they’ve only had one repeat offender since the intervention began. This is an example of a meaningful and effective consequence.

Say Yes Navigator Elmer Santos provided a helpful tour, which included a bike repair room and the revived Lafayette Bookstore led by English Teacher Eric Bradshaw. I was told that the bookstore was a focal part of Lafayette in the 60s. An official re-opening is forthcoming. Mr. Bradshaw emphasized his efforts to provide students with their own copy of books that are required for courses, so that they can annotate during the reading experience.

I was very encouraged by the passion, energy, and innovation at Lafayette and look forward to seeing the new Lafayette International graduate it’s first class this June.

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