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Larry with supporters at his announcement.

BUFFALO -- Standing in front of Buffalo’s newest community school, longtime parent activist Larry Scott announced his candidacy for an at-large seat in the May 2019 Buffalo Board of Education race. In May 2019, all nine school seats on the Buffalo Board of Education, including six district and three at-large positions, are up for reelection.

Highlighting the progress and changes that have made in Buffalo Public Schools over the past several years, Larry Scott announced his campaign platform at a press event featuring student, teacher, and parent endorsements.  

“Under the Education Bargain with Students & Parents, Buffalo Schools are on the rise. Nevertheless, we have much more work to do,” Larry Scott told the crowd gathered at School #66. “I’ve been very involved in public education for a long time, and I’m ready to take my experience and apply it as board member. I attend all the board meetings, read all the board meeting packets, and work hard to represent parents. I think it’s time that we have a strong parent voice on the board.”

Larry Scott is a co-chair of the Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization, a group he helped co-found 5 years ago. In the fall of 2014, Larry Scott led the charge against “disassembling” the Buffalo Public Schools, with four schools slated for closure or private takeover. In the fall of 2016, Larry Scott and his BPTO colleagues successfully organized a campaign with other community partners to adopt a Gender Identity Policy for our transgender and questioning youth. In the spring of 2017, Larry Scott worked with other parent leaders to revise the BPS Parent, Family, & Community Involvement Policy. For several years, the BPTO took the lead among parents to push back against the racist and hateful behavior of a particular school board member. Last school year, Larry Scott and the BPTO changed injustices in public transportation for Buffalo students, establishing more accessible transportation, which centers on learning, enrichment, and safety, and providing opportunities for parents, students, educators, and the community to make their concerns and recommendations known to the NFTA and district. This led to noteworthy progress with revised policies that began in the 2018-19 school year. The BPTO is also active in several different district committees and decision-making bodies, and has hosted 6 Family Nights at the Buffalo Zoo, 2 free Family Nights at the Museum of Science, and a Family Day at the Art Gallery.

Larry Scott announced his plans to focus on reforming central registration in the Buffalo Public Schools, and children’s mental health and social-emotional wellness. He says, “As a school psychologist in a neighboring district, I am a professional with a wealth of experience with at-risk youth. I am equipped to prioritize and address needs in this area. I am encouraged by the work with restorative practices in Buffalo Schools. As an Alternative to Suspension Specialist, I live this work daily; facilitating mediations, conflict coaching, restorative conferences, community service, behavioral consultation, and staff support circles.”     

Fifth grader Erdene Dominguez, a BPS student, spoke at today’s announcement. He stated, “Mr. Scott is a dad who has kids in Buffalo schools. I know that if my family has a problem, we can go to Mr. Scott for help, and he will listen and help us. He wants to do that for all the families in Buffalo, and I hope he can get elected.”

Larry Scott’s district-wide work with the BPTO has led him to run for an at-large seat. He says, “I pledge to represent all of our schools- from the East Side to the West Side, from North Buffalo to South Buffalo- all of our students, regardless of zip code, race, country of origin, disability, gender identity/orientation, religion, economic status, or primary language.”

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