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School 17 Early Childhood Center

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit School 17 Early Childhood Center and meet with parents, students, and staff. I was extremely impressed with my experience at School 17. It was a very welcoming atmosphere and intimate setting with only grades pre-k to 4. Hearing from four 4th grade students was most enlightening. They each seemed to view their school favorably. Frequent physical education in the gym, student clubs, science experiments, daily recess, and afterschoool programming, were highlights for these students.

I heard from parents on the need for collaboration with the City and Canisius College to ensure safe arrival and dismissal for students in high traffic areas. In fact, I've heard from parents at several schools on the need for signage, crosswalks, and crossing guards. I am following up on how this can be addressed, short-term. Long-term my campaign platform includes the creation of a Common Council Education Advisory Committee, with membership from the City, the Board of Education, parents, community members, and students. This committee would inform education funding and combine City and Board of Education efforts to collectively address operations, policies, and needs in the community where there is mutual responsibility. 

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