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Relationship with Educators

Collaborative Relationships

We need leaders who will build up our communities, our schools, and our children; who will foster relationships between parents and teachers. We each have a stake and we each must play a role. Larry and his wife are most proud of Buffalo Public Schools because of the relationships and experiences their children have had with their teachers, teaching assistants, and aides.


We must support and value our teachers and staff who are entrusted with the first line of engagement in our children's educational experience. Teachers and educators must be included in the critical decision-making which impacts our schools, families, and students. 

Larry serves as a union representative for his teacher's union and supports public employee unions and the importance of collective bargaining agreements. He believes that our Buffalo students deserve to have the best teachers, who are competitively paid and supported, just like our suburban students. 

Trauma from violence, harassment, major life changes, loss, and injustice, is very real in the lives of our inner city youth and families. It’s also very real for many of our teachers and staff. Larry will make it a priority to establish a universal resource which staff can easily access to address trauma and emotional well-being. If we want our students to be whole, we need our staff to be whole. 

Scott for Buffalo Schools!

Together, Moving Buffalo Schools Forward!

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