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Effective Management & Operations

Strategic Focus on Student Outcomes

We need a board of education which prioritizes a strategic focus on student outcomes. This means a board with a clearly established vision for providing a quality public education with opportunities and access for all students, such as what is established in the Education Bargain. We need to modernize board operations and incentivize efficiency with board members coming to meetings informed on the board packet and other relevant matters, exhibiting civil and productive discourse, utilizing the latest technology and modes of communication and, ultimately, responsive to the needs of our schools and students. 

As a board member, Larry pledges to uphold the democratic principles of public participation, accountability, and transparency. Larry will continue to visit many schools throughout the city and attend relevant community events, just as he has done as a parent leader. Larry will host periodic public forums to make himself directly accessible to parents, students, and the community. 

Lastly, we need to enhance partnerships with other relevant stakeholders and government leaders and bodies, particularly, the Mayor and Common Council of Buffalo. Larry will continue to advocate for opportunities to inform on City funding to Buffalo Public Schools and increased collaboration between City and Board of Education efforts to collectively address operations, policies, and needs in the community where there is mutual responsibility. 

Scott for Buffalo Schools!

Together, Moving Buffalo Schools Forward!

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