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Strong Community Schools

Hubs of our Communities

The challenges that so many Buffalo students and families face, are multifaceted, and therefore, the solutions must also be multifaceted and include strong partnerships.

The now 17 Strong Community Schools in Buffalo and 4 Parent Centers have had an immediate and noticeable impact on our schools, families, and students in Buffalo. Committing to the sustainability of well-funded Community Schools, must be a priority and can be a game changer in addressing inequity and improving educational and future outcomes for our Buffalo students.

The multifaceted approach of Say Yes Buffalo plays a critical role in the impact of our Strong Community Schools, reaches far beyond the college scholarship, to provide mentoring, mental health clinics, legal clinics, family supports, afterschool programming, and, the various summer camps. 

We need to advance the good work of our Strong Community Schools- they are not only a benefit to the educational community, but a difference maker in our neighborhoods and for our families and taxpayers who are unaffiliated with Buffalo Schools.

Larry recalls the days before our Strong Community Schools, when the BPTO used to show up to an empty school for its Saturday morning meetings, sometimes locked when we arrived. Now, we enter an open and energized building, with welcoming staff and a variety of educational and enrichment activities for adults and children. There is now a true sense of community felt in the building and in many others across the city. We must capitalize on this momentum for all of our students and families.

Scott for Buffalo Schools!

Together, Moving Buffalo Schools Forward!

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