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Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction #61

May 2, 2022

On Friday, April 29, I visited Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction, "Home of the Arts and Gifted & Talented Program". And, WOW, what a gem this school truly is!

The building was beautiful and visually welcoming with student-centered work, art, and creativity throughout. Principal Barnes was thrilled to have me visit and it was clear that he was passionate about his craft; his authentic connection to staff and students was undeniable. He knew every student by name and his relationship with students was evident in the embrace seen here:

Students and staff were beaming with smiles from ear to ear in every classroom that we visited. Working in schools and having visited many, I don't think I've ever witnessed such observable positivity and energy from students. The emphasis on the arts, which I did not know prior to my visit, was prominent in the school, including, Dance, Theater, Instrumental Music (Violin in particular), and Visual Art. Social-emotional wellness was also quite embedded in the building and school culture. The school includes a Book Vending Machine, a Dance Studio, and a warm and welcoming Calming Room.

My only regret from the visit is that I couldn't stay longer!

Here is a gallery of photos from my visit:

On May 24, Arthur O. Eve presents a "Creativity Tour":

Take your own virtual tour of the school, here:

Learn more about this wonderful school by visiting their website: ARTHUR O. EVE SCHOOL OF DISTINCTION PS #61

Larry Scott

Buffalo Board of Education


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