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School Based Management Teams and School Based Budgeting

I continue to get a lot of critical feedback from stakeholders on the 2024-25 Budget. Know that I am listening closely to it all.

Here is the last District presentation to the Board on the budget:

Please keep in mind these facts on the 24-25 budget:

  • The NYS Legislature has weighted in on the state budget with proposed increases in aid allocation to schools and still needs to be finalized with the Governor.

  • Due to the state, charter school tuition is projected to increase by $16 million for a total expenditure of $175 million. This is happening when not one new charter school is opening in Buffalo next school year.

  • The City of Buffalo owes BPS a projected $5 million in interest.

  • The Buffalo Board of Education is projected to approve the 24-25 Budget on May 15.

I am also hearing quite a bit about how School Based Budgeting is occurring in schools and I felt it was necessary to share what is required for these, per the District's Plan for School Based Planning and Shared Decision Making. Below is a link to a brief Powerpoint with key points, as well as the entire District Plan.

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