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Summer School Visit #4: Discovery School #67

August 8, 2023

On July 26, 2023, I had the opportunity to visit Summer School at Discovery School #67. Principal John Zeis gave me a tour, along with Associate Superintendent of School Leadership, Karen Murray, who was the previous principal of Discovery. This school enrolls about 500 pre-k to 8 students during the school year. Summer School included seventh and eighth grade students, who needed to repeat failed courses. It also houses several classes for the WNY United Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Inc. Leaders in Training Summer Program. for sixth grade students in Buffalo and some area suburban districts.

First, this building was absolutely beautiful beginning with this space when you enter the building, featuring a technology classroom, cafeteria, and library. It was really an unexpected space to encounter in a public elementary school, one that certainly makes the physical environment unique.

Principal Zeis spoke very positively about his staff, students, and families, indicating that student behavior is overwhelmingly positive with few suspensions during the school year. Student engagement and acceptable behavior was observed in every summer school classroom that I visited, which is remarkable given that these are seventh and eighth grade students making up failed courses from the previous school year.

Principal Zeis shared that a current Technology Teacher was a Teaching Assistant at Discovery who was able to complete certification throughout last school year to become a Tech Teacher at Discovery. This is evidence of "growing our own" to fill needed teacher positions.

Located in the Park District, Discovery School is no doubt another gem in our Buffalo Public Schools. Here are some additional photos from the visit:

Larry Scott

Vice President of Student Achievement

Buffalo Board of Education

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